Welcome to the heart of Winekind's "Movement" – a ripple of goodness that starts with a bottle and ends with a meal for those who need it most. Our commitment is simple yet powerful: for every bottle of Winekind you enjoy, we're ensuring that one meal finds its way to someone without a place to call home.

We're not just about great wine; we're about making a tangible difference. By connecting your purchasing power with a greater cause, we're turning every pour into progress.

We've teamed up with the incredible Seeds of Hope - a charity with a heart as big as our wine barrels! Since 1994, they've been providing not just meals, but also food parcels, clothing, and blankets to the homeless in Perth. Seeds of Hope does it all with respect, integrity, and dignity – values we raise a glass to.

At Winekind, we believe that impact should be accessible to everyone. Homelessness is a reality for over 9,000 people each night in Western Australia, and Seeds of Hope have made it their mission to bring relief week after week. Seeds of Hope, with their dedicated volunteers, gather at Moore Street, next to Royal Perth Hospital, every week at 4:45 pm, ensuring that help is on the way.